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How to Determine if an Alibaba Seller is Trustworthy

alibaba instawriter

Getting a seller account on Alibaba is a big step to grow your business as a writer or content marketer.

It can also be a big gamble, especially if you don’t know a lot about stock trading and finance.

Many people who want to use Alibaba to sell physical products do not know the risks involved.

And when you look at the huge number of Scam Alerts that have been associated with Alibaba sellers, it’s not a surprise.

Many people in China don’t know that Alibaba’s “Protect and Pursue” policy protects buyers from sellers who don’t deliver on their products. They think that if Alibaba does not take action on Scam Alerts, it means the seller is credible.

My question is, what do you think the legitimate sellers think when they see the many Scam Alerts associated with Alibaba sellers?

Has the threat of being “protected” made you feel less of a threat to Alibaba sellers?

Here are some tips to help decide if you want to work with a particular seller, regardless of what the Scam Alerts say.

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1. Before deciding if you want to do business with a particular Alibaba seller, it’s important that you understand a little bit about finance and dealing with financial risk.

Be very familiar with the difference between a stock trade and a loan. I’m not talking about the mortgage loan you take out to buy the house you want to live in.

A stock trade is similar to gambling in Las Vegas. The house wins, except you can’t afford to stay in the place if you lose.

A loan is different. If you don’t pay back the money you borrowed, you have to pay interest to the lender. This is a more legitimate way of investing your money, because you’re getting a bigger return on your investment if the project you are working on becomes profitable.

2. How to deal with financial risk is different than how to connect with people and advance your career in writing.

The way you communicate with and connect with people is more important than trading stocks with barely educated people over the Internet.

Support to connect with many more people and get jobs is much more reliable than confusing stock trades.

3. Buying large quantities of items like iPhones or stuff on Alibaba is a very small scale way to deal with financial risk.

More than likely, you will buy too many items and not be able to resell them all.

If you do a lot of big deals on Alibaba and do not do proper research (like how to write a spending plan), you stand to lose a lot of money.

4. This is the biggest advice I can give on how to determine if you want to do business with a particular Alibaba seller.

Keep in mind that most of the other people looking to do business with you on Alibaba are doing the same thing. They’re looking for ways to build skills and confidence, not to lose money.

How do you know that a particular Alibaba seller is not just trying to use you to make money?

That’s a really important question that people often overlook when they decide to work with a certain seller.

In order to work with a new platform like Alibaba, you have to know its business model.

Many Alibaba sellers are just trying to make money. They do not care about helping you build your business.

When it comes down to it, there are two kinds of Scam Alerts:

Scam Alerts that probably do not affect you as a serious business buyer on Alibaba Scam Alerts that affect you as a serious buyer on Alibaba

Unfortunately, an unrealistic person might also appeal to you. This is a really bad way to make decisions about your future.

Someone who wants to sell you products and give you great customer experience will not pretend to protect you if something goes wrong.

Even if you personally have not received a Scam Alert about a particular seller, you should take a look at their reviews before deciding to do business with them.

Protect yourself from sellers who want to make money on you, and give you great customer experience.

In addition to researching a seller on Alibaba, I would recommend you also research their business over the long term.

If you see that they have a long track record of good reviews, it’s a good indication that they are legitimate and you want to work with them.

A good business person who wants to build their own business also has their own obstacles and problems along the way.

If you want to build a business, you need to be able to handle the challenges. I’ve faced a lot of them and learned from my mistakes.

If you do not have a history of making mistakes and developing bad habits, this could be a red flag that the person you want to work with is not a real person, but a business.

What does working with someone who has their own problems mean?

It means you have to treat your customers with respect and treat your business’s employees with respect.

It means you have to admit when you’re wrong and you have to have the guts to handle business issues with integrity, while saying you were wrong.

It means you should be ready to spend money to fix problems instead of taking your customers for granted or trying to cut corners.

Just so you know, you do not have to take my word for it. Businesses and writers who have their own problems stand behind the businesses and writers they hire as contractors, in case there are any problems.

You can check out their backgrounds and projects here.

When I hire freelancers to work on projects with me, I always check out their rates and watch how they behave as contractors.

If they treat me or my clients well, I will ask them to work on my projects again. A quality freelancer needs to be properly compensated, even if they have to work hard.

If you want to build a strong business that respects its employees, customers, and the environment, you need to be aware of the financial risks you take if you decide to do business with a particular seller.

Don’t let unrealistic people who want to make money on you downplay the possible effects of a Scam Alert or a bad customer experience on your business as a writer.