5 Exercises to Increase Your Writing Skills

Want to learn how to take your writing to the next level? Do you want to know what it takes to become a blogging pro? Here are the 5 secrets you NEED to get you to your destination.


I’ve never been a big believer in “you must.”

What inspires and drives me is what other people think, choose, and do.

It’s not about how you do it. It’s about how you make it.

This is not just metaphysics. It’s how you set up your business.

How you make it is about showing up every day and seeing that you’ve chosen a path where you contribute something that matters to the world.

How you make it is about enjoying the process and showing up consistently, even when things go sideways.

If you realize that you’re here to make it by showing up constantly in the process even when things go sideways then you can start to imagine how to start making it in other areas of your life.

If you’ve already figured out how to make it by showing up consistently then you may find that you’re bored with the content creation process.

Are you looking for ways to get really great at it?

This is where I explore how to be a better writer when you’re just starting out, because this stuff gets easier over time.

My goal for you is that you walk away from this post inspired and excited about how to make it as a better writer.

Below are five simple ways to get inspired about becoming a better blogger.

5 Ways to Want to Be a Become a Blogging Pro

1. Make it personal

Too much content creation tries to be descriptive, but lacks a personal element.

That’s a major mistake.

A personal element shows that you understand the reader on an emotional level. It makes content more powerful, memorable, and shareable.

If you want to write more interesting and compelling content, start writing more personal content.

2. Make it practical

We’re all interested in content that solves problems and helps people. If you want to create more content that helps people, write more content that solves people’s problems.

It’s okay to share the stories behind your blog posts. It’s even better to share the stories that helped you figure out how to make it as a better writer.

3. Make it achievable

Every content creator has a different purpose, which is why creating useful, inspiring content is such a challenge. But that won’t stop you from trying to write interesting, engaging, and helpful content.

Yes, it’s a tough pursuit, but that’s because you’re trying to make it.

Forget about “authorship,” “I want to be a writer,” “I want to be a good writer,” or “I want to be an award‑winning writer.”

Realize that you’re here to make it by showing up consistently in the process even when things go sideways then you can start to imagine how to start making it in other areas of your life.

Your job is not just to write, it’s to write well. Work on your writing with a partner so that you polish your words before you post them. To write well takes time, so get a consistent game plan, write often, and make it personal, practical, and achievable.

4. Make it risky

This is another tough one, but it makes sense. You want to create content that’s surprising, thought‑evolutionary, funny, and useful. That’s really tough when you’re doing it every day. But when you start getting comfortable with that difficult stuff, unexpected and valuable possibilities emerge.

I recently read this quote, and it really resonated with me:

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.” — Tom Robbins

If you want to keep getting lucky, try making it more risky.

5. Make it who you are

Which of the above is your inspiration and why?

And what, as a result, are you going to do?

How you make it is not just about writing daily. It’s about:

Show up consistently with what you stand for and who you are.

Attempting things that challenge you.

Make the difficult choices you’re going to have to make to get there.

Take responsibility and action in areas where you care.


The wrote to becoming a blogger pro is long and hard, but sinking your feet into the things that matter the most willl put you in a great position to end up at the destination you want.

Remember to make your writing personal, practical, achievable, risky, and most importantly, who you are.

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