3 Benefits to using a Shopify Product Description Generator

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What’s a Shopify product description generator? Does it actually works and saves times? Don’t worry, we’ll go into great detail on why it’s important to have a strong product description, and how a description generator can make that process 10x easier.

What’s a Product Description Generator?

A product description generator is a tool that creates descriptions for products, usually for ecommerce purposes. These generators can be used to create descriptions for products in a range of categories, including clothing, cosmetics, and electronics.

Using Shopify Product Description Generators

Use a content generating software, and start writing copy for your product to help it sell better.

Use a product description generator to create a great “first draft” for your product copy. You can then take that great start and turn it into even more beneficial product copy.

Lt’s dive into some of the benefits of using a product description generator for your Shopify product.

3 benefits of using a Shopify Product Description Generator

If you use a Shopify product description generator, you will experience these three benefits:

1. You’ll be writing for your audience

One of the greatest pains we go through when we’re starting out in niche business is forgetting that we have to write for our audience. We have to speak with the language they understand.

Growing up, we all learned that using “the right pronouns” is a really important part of writing. The thing is, our audiences doesn’t think about who is “really” talking.

There are just reading to see if there product has the potential to solve their problem. Don’t get stuck overthinking, and trying to cater to everybody. Go ahead, pick a pronoun and see how those phrases sound to you.

Has your language changed or perhaps grown more formal? Notice the word I didn’t use: normative.

The point is, don’t worry too much about “really” who you’re speaking to when you’re writing your product description — just write for your audience’s needs.

2. You can also create benefits to attract people to your product

One of the most important things to do when you’re writing for someone is to create some benefits for them.

What does your product do for its audience? What will your audience be able to do that they can’t do now? How will a new audience benefit when they use your product?

Great product descriptions will create benefits for the people who are using the product today, as well as provide benefits for the new audiences that enter the space.

A lot of time and energy has been spent creating product descriptions to unlock those benefits and make them clear.

But there is an easier way to write those benefits, without needing to put in all of the effort. A product description generator.

With a product description generator, you now have a chance to be thoughtful and articulate, while also avoiding many of the pitfalls of “putting it all (or most of it) together.”

3. You’ll be figuring out the “but”

The beginning of a great product description is the “but.”

You’ve introduced your audience to the product, explained why it might interest them, and told the audience it’s their solution.

And that’s when a lot of people run into “the problem.”

If you’re not able to craft a beneficial “but” to conclude your product description, you might find that the reader falls off your content.

Your reader might not feel like they’ve been “educated” yet. It’s not like reading a Wikipedia article, where facts are rolling off the page.

Your reader will want to know more. They’ll want to spread the word themselves. They’ll want to make or buy the product. And then in return convince someone else to buy the product.

Generating your first draft

As you’re thinking about your first draft of a product description, look for ways to solve the following three objections:

  • Fear
  • Price
  • Difficulty to use

Aiming to convert new audiences is a great goal in any marketing activity. But to get those first new people to come back to the product, they need to know and trust the brand. And that means solving their objections.

Your product description should tell someone about the product, utilize the benefits it promises, and then gain trust by alleviating the fears, minimizing the price, and demonstrating ease and confidence with the use — ideally all in the same sentence or two paragraphs.

Your product description is the first chance you’ll have to “sell up” to a higher tier of copy — so use your description to appeal to those who aren’t yet ready to buy your product, but who might be interested in the things you’ll offer in the future.

You’re just getting started, and your first product description draft is your opportunity to create the necessary details to create more persuasive copy to help you find those new, eager customers.

Think hard and identify any likely objections your new customers might have to buying from you — and prepare your existing customers to overcome those objections with a better first impression of your brand.

Concluding: 3 Benefits to using a Shopify Product Description Generator

It’s never too late to rewrite a product description. If you first use a product description generator to draft a “first draft” of your copy and then rewrite it to speak to your audience and the needs of your current customers, you’ll be able to rewrite it again and again — until you feel confident in it.

For products, your description will be the biggest piece of content your audience sees — and it needs to be the best it can be, for you and for your product.

The product description is the foundation for all of the copy that comes after it, so never slack off.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I get started with using a product description generator?

There are many options out there for a product description generator, but many are costly and aren’t specifically catered for Shopify products. Try our Product Description Generator for free, and get customers rolling in faster.

Are the other use cases for content generators?

There are a number of different use cases for content generators: Social Media Content Generator, Blog Content Generator, Landing Page Generator, and a lot more!

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